Grow In Peace is a locally owned and operated

hydroponic grow store

nestled in the mountains of Colorado. We have locations in

Nederland and Idaho Springs.

We carry a wide selection of conventional and organic nutrients, grow lights, beneficial bugs, soil and soilless mixes, trays, environmental controllers, grodan, scissors, heirloom seeds, CO2 tanks, pH and PPM meters...and much, much more!

We encourage our customers to say goodbye to supermaket produce-which is often grown with poor fertilizers and sprayed with nasty chemicals-and say hello to being self-sustainable! Come talk with one of our knowledgeable staff and get growing today!

We are now Colorado's only dealer of iGrow Induction Lighting! Nikola Tesla's induction technology has finally been applied to agriculture to save you money. Using only 1/3 the electricity of conventional HID lighting, light bills are lowered, and with low operating temperatures the need for inline fans or air conditioning are almost non-existent. Bulbs are good for 100,000 hours, or approximately 10 years of use, and are cool to the touch! Check it out at:

Why pay full price for beer when you can brew your own? Grow In Peace also carries a wide selection of home brewing supplies thru our distributor BSG Handcraft. Simply find a part number for what you want and call one of our two locations to put in an order!